50 and Beyond News

February 1, 2018

To all the members of St. Raphael Parish,

No, we were not robbed or vandalized, but 18 of our 50-year-old pews finally got the chance to take a well-deserved trip to the pew re-finishing shop in Waupaca, Wisconsin.  This is the first part of “Fifty & Beyond” campaign to be used for the redoing of our beautiful church so that it looks as good as new for the next fifty years.  These pews from the two transepts should be back before Holy Week.

After talking with representatives of four companies whose business is church pews, we discovered we had three choices: new pews (very expensive); refinished/repainted pews (moderately expensive); or reconditioned (inexpensive).

The SRA Finance Council was presented with the results of our research and realized that we could not afford new pews and that just reconditioning the pews was not worth the effort; so, they wisely recommended that we refinish and repaint (the white ends).  We looked at several churches, including St. Mary Magdalen, St. Monica, and St. Richard, with recently refinished pews and decided on Wood Renovators as the best contractor for the job.  The contract is for$100,443 to refinish the pews and fabricate all new wood kneelers.  The pews in the nave of the church will be done in two sections in June and July when all the multiple special events in the church during April and May are over with.  We are confident that you will love the good-as-new look at the end of July!

Then, with everyone keeping up to date with paying on their “Fifty & Beyond” campaign pledges, we will move ahead with painting the church walls on the inside and new carpet.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.
Yours in Christ,
Father Bob