First Communion

First Communion

"The Body of Christ. Amen."

First Holy Communion:  Parish Elementary School students and students enrolled in the South City School of Religion are prepared to celebrate the sacraments of Penance (confession) and First Holy Communion in Grade 2.  However, if for any reason a child is unable to celebrate the sacraments at this particular time, sacramental preparation and celebration will be provided to all children who are beyond this grade level.

Parent Meetings:  Parents Meetings are conducted for the benefit of those parents whose child is being prepared for the reception of this sacrament.  Parent Meetings will take place in the Saint Raphael the Archangel Parish School and are scheduled to last approximately one hour. (Parent attendance at all scheduled Parent Meetings is mandatory.)  The dates for Parent Meetings are listed on the school calendar.

First Communion Rehearsal:  Date to be determined

Bow Sunday:  Each student making First Communion will receive a white bow to be placed on their front door of their home for two weeks before First Holy Communion.  As everyone walks or drives by and sees the bow, they are reminded to pray for the First Communicant and their family. 

Activity Day:  Held in the lower level of rectory.  Second grade students join their parents making crafts, baking bread and preparing for the Sacrament of First Holy Communion.  

Family Potluck Dinner:  Held the Wednesday evening before First Communion.

First Holy Communion:  Date and time to be determined